Moving Day Giveaway

Amongst the mayhem that is navigating an international move during a global pandemic sit a pile of books. Books that I promised I wouldn’t and yet somehow definitely did amass…

A lot came to me through Little Free Libraries; all of those, and many more, will be redistributed locally before I depart. These vintage du Mauriers however, I purchased from the wonderful Joyland Books, with intent.

I would be sad that, as hardbacks, I just don’t have the weight allowance to take them with me, except that now I get to share them with you!

What better way to celebrate Daphne du Maurier on her birthday than through the witchcraft and wildness of the beautiful, bleak west country in her Gothic novels Jamaica Inn and My Cousin Rachel?

© Generally Gothic

The following details are for the giveaway hosted on Instagram.

🎟To enter:
🗝 Follow me sincerely – stick around, connect, share ghost stories around the pixelated camp fire. If you are interested in winning this pair of books, chances are you’ll like what I post!
🗝 Tell me one book in your collection that you could never, ever part with.
🗝 Tag a friend to get involved.

🎟 For additional entries:
🗝 Tag more friends to get involved.
🗝 Share in stories & tag me so I don’t miss it.
🗝 Cast spells with good intentions and feed me pure cake free of poisons and hexes.

🎟Totally official T&Cs:
🗝 Giveaway ends 4pm UTC on 27th May.
🗝 Winner selected at random.
🗝 Unaffiliated with everything and everyone except the sincere love of books and desire to share them.
🗝 You must be willing to share your address with me within 24hrs so I can post before I fly.
🗝 These books are old. They’ve been read, by me, and others. They are not new, and therein lies their beauty.

GOOD LUCK, and remember you need to go HERE to enter!


I do not accept bribes, but if you enjoy the things I post, please consider making a small contribution towards my next tea, coffee, or book binge – what goes around comes around!

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